Great Tools From SAFE
Great Tools From SAFE

Beginner's Mind!

Safer, Flying with Awareness and Flexiblity;
The Secret Tool For Faster Learning

Beginner's Mind

Power Of The (CFI) Pen

The CFI is the primary "influencer" in aviation

Power Of The (CFI) Pen

Eclipse, Learning, & SnF24!!

Amazing Opportunities at SnF 24: Win Lightspeed D/Z, Aerox O2 System - Free Ice Cream @ "CFI Roundtable"

Eclipse, Learning & SnF24

April SAFE Strategies!

Sun 'N Fun 24, New CFI-ACS, SAFE Webinar

SAFE Strategies April

Fear Poisons Learning

Create a safe "Learning Zone" for effective education

Fear POisons Learning!

MOSAIC: HUGE for Sport!

Complex/Retract/250 Knots! (Sport = no med. & 20 hours total)

Teach Synoptic Weather

Learning/Teaching Synoptic Weather!

Be Strategic (not "mouse in a maze!")

Teach Synoptic Weather

Value of Real "Experience!"

You Can Buy Flight Training, But not "Experience!"



"SAFE Strategies" Webinar!

Live 3/10, 8pm ET SAFE CFI-PRO™


Hand-Fly Your IFR!

Don't Lose Your Touch!

Learn/Maintain Hand-Flying Skills!

Too Much, Too Soon!

Rushed Instruction *Slows* Learning -

Garmin Green Needle Gotcha

Fix GPS Confusion!

Historic "GPS Gotcha" Solved!

Garmin Green Needle Gotcha

Pilot "Hopium"

Weird "Magical Thinking" Leads to Accidents!

First 100 hours as a CFI

"My First 100 Hrs as a CFI"

New CFI- "License To Learn"

First 100 hours as a CFI

"Correct Solo Limitations"

Create Safer Lifetime Risk Managers

Create Better Risk Managers

The "Protégé Effect" For Learning

Faster Learning, Better Oral Evals.

Disable Garmin ESP For Safety!

Reflective Logbook

Analyze and Redirect After Every Flight!

Disable Garmin ESP For Safety!

Garmin ESP™

Disable For Safe Maneuvering!

Disable Garmin ESP For Safety!

Creative IFR 🫣

Visual & Contact Approaches (Managing Risk)

COntact and Visual Approaches

Proper Motivation!

More Than "Money and Adventure!"

Proper Motivation!

IFR Alternate Requirements

A *Huge* Weak Area on Flight Tests!

IFR Alternates!

1/5th Flight Candidates "Unqualified!"

Poor preparation (experience/endorsements) = "No Test!"
We are wasting flight test opportunities.
Install the SAFE Toolkit App!

SAFE Started PPC!

New "CFI Guidance!"

Updating 100-Year-Old "Laws!"

Landing LOC

Understanding E/G Airspace!

Where VFR and IFR Mix: Knowledge is Critical!

Landing LOC

SAFE on Instagram!

Please "Follow" Us and Spread Safety!


"Growth Mindset"

"Lifetime Learning Cures Burnout"

Growth Mindset

"SAFEblog: CFI Bullying"

"Recent Fatal: Dictator in the Right Seat"

CFI Bullying

"CFI Mentoring"

"CFI Mentoring and SAFE STEM Grants"

Mentor Connector

New Pilots: "Hothouse Flowers"

"Protected Pilots" End Up Weak: "Hardening!"

Richard's Last Lesson

Reverse Sensing (FREE)

Richard's Last Lesson

Why Engines Fail (FREE)

Richard's Last Lesson

Master Chandelles For Safety

"Cross-Coordination" Is a Required Safety Skill

180 Power-Off

Train Wind & Weather!

These are avoided in flight training but the #1 casues of accidents!

180 Power-Off
Extraordinary Pilots

Try Tailwheel Flying!

Fun *AND* Educational!

180 Power-Off

5 Steps = CFI-PRO™

Pathway to Professional CFI!

180 Power-Off

Four Landing Pages!

FREE Resources for Pilots/CFIs

Energy Management CFI Pro

Energy Management CFI Pro

"180 Power-Off"

Mastering Accuracy Landings

180 Power-Off

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Easy "Pilot Math!"

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