The "Missing Manual: For New CFIs"

Immediate CFI Improvement Here! 

New CFI Survival Guide

New CFI Survival Guide

"My First 100 Hrs as a CFI"

New CFI- "License To Learn"

First 100 hours as a CFI

Soon Combined Into
"The CFI Survival Guide"

Start Honest; “Engagement Letter!”

“The Learning Zone;” No Excuses, No Embarrassment!

Lesson One: Perfect Picture

Conquer The Driving Habit (We All Have)!

"Change/Check" For Precise Control

Recurring Flight Training Fallacies!

10 Tools For New CFIs

Motivate With “Incremental Mastery!”

Teach Landings With "Centerline Slowflight"

Master "Full Control" Landings

Teach Every Learner Crosswinds!

“CFI Seasoning” Beyond the Academy!

Real CFI Learning *Begins* With Temporary!

10 Essential Rules for a New CFI!

Several Great Books on Learning

Bigger/Better Than FOI

Bigger/Better Than FOI

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