SAFE Seminars @OSH23

Pilot Proficiency Center @ EAA Museum


Doug Stewart:

Tools to Keep you Safe

Monday, July 24, 15-16 (EAA-PPC)

Lazy Eights, Chandelles & Accuracy Landings

Tuesday, July 25,9-10 (EAA-PPC)

Tools for Learning: Stalls & Recoveries

Wednesday, July 26, 15-16 (EAA-PPC)

"Art of IFR: The First 30 Minutes"
Forum Stage 11: Deltahawk Engines

Friday, July 28, 2023, 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM (Forum 11)

"IFR: The Last 30 Minutes"
Forum Stage 6: EnerSys

Friday, July 28, 2023, 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM (Forum 6)

Michael Phillips

Tools for Learning:Transition

Wednesday, July 26 13-14 (EAA-PPC)

Ken Wittikiend

Tools for Learning: Taxiing

Wednesday, July 26 3-4 (EAA-PPC)

Michael Phillips/Ken Wittekiend

Identifying the Basic Tenets

Monday, July 24th, 10-11) (EAA-PPC)

Attitude Adjustment

Tuesday, July 25th, 11-12) (EAA-PPC)

"Four Stages of Learning

Wednesday, July 25th, 9-10) (EAA-PPC)

Principles in Retrospect

Saturday, July 29th, 12-13) (EAA-PPC)

John Dorcey: PPC

Things That Go Bump In The Night
(IFR Visual to Runway Segment)

Tuesday, July 25, 11-12 (EAA-PPC)

David St. George

Why Do We Suck at Safety?
And How To Fix That...

Wed, July 26, 10-11 (EAA-PPC)

Fri, July 28,11-12 (EAA-PPC)

Veronica Cote


Tuesday, July 25 2- 3:00 PM (EAA-PPC)

Winds and Weather Theory

Wednesday, July 26, 10-11AM (EAA-PPC)

Look Up! Clouds Tell a Story

Thursday, July 27, 12-13(EAA-PPC)

Winds and Weather Theory

Friday, July 28, 12-13 PM(EAA-PPC)

Look Up! Clouds Tell a Story

Saturday, July 29, 10-11:00 AM(EAA-PPC)

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David St. George, Executive Director of SAFE

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Instantly Improve Your Flying

Overcome "Magical Thinking"
and "Mission Mentality!" with stoical approach; bad things *can/do* happen!

GA Advantages!

Fun, Freedom, Flexibility, Can Invite Risks!

Little planes are much harder to fly safely (but more fun)!


Analyzing Critical Risk Factors

TBM Safety Committee

Emergency Lessons!

KAIZEN: "Continuous Improvement!"

3P Model: Perceive, Process, Perform

Defeating "Magical Thinking" and "Mission Mentality"

AOPA Decision Course

Creating a "Crew of One" With Metacognition.

Use Metacognition

✈✈Reflect after every flight; was the flight success luck or skill (calibrate!)?
✈✈What should I change for next time?
✈✈What critical skills should I improve and practice?
Single Pilot Resource Management

"Cooper Awareness Code"

Ready For Anything

"Alive/Awareness Continuum"

Human Awareness

Automation Can Make You Stupid!

The Automation Paradox

"Red Zone Awareness"

"SAFE Strategies:"  Vigilant and Prepared

(97% of fatal stalls begin at pattern altitude and below - majority of TBM fatals)

Unrecoverable stalls!

TBM Safety Committee

Emergency Lessons!

"Essential Aerodynamics"

AOPA Aerodynamics Course

What Makes a "Scary Pilot"

Human Awareness

Emergency Lessons!

Could *YOU* Pull this Off? Every CFI must teach these essential skills - Watch this video!

Emergency Lessons!

Cautious To Cocky!

Human Weakness of "Normalizing!"

Normal Stupidity

Defeat Startle!

Practice emergencies often - Safety requires proficiency and vigilance; "ready for anything!"

Ready For Anything!

Manage Distractions!

Deviations and Accidents Often Start Here

Master Instructors

Practice Crosswind Skills!

Crosswinds can (commonly) bend planes!

Crosswind Blog

Stabilizing Non-Precision [Here]

"Dive and Drive VS Steady"


Understanding Icing "Here"


Gravity Works!

Know your "numbers!"

Dec. eNews

Usable Aerodynamics!
Every Pilot Must Watch This (3X?)!

Usable Aerodynamics

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