CFI/DPE Meeting (SYR)
"Inspiring Professionalism"

Is "1 sm clear of clouds" safe for flight?
Does the ACS "minimum capability" create safety?
What corrects a 70% (pass/fail) pilot performance to "safe?"

The FAA ACS/PTS only specify "minimums" (never define "excellence!")
The professional CFI determines safety/excellence in our aviation system!

 18:30, Thurs, Aug 25th, @Millionaire KSYR

David St. George, Executive Director of SAFE

Rich Stowell NTSB Testimony!

Rich Stowell NTSB Testimony

Master Instructor

How People Learn

"CFI Learning" Starts w/Temporary!

"Passing FAA Test" Teaches Bad CFI Habits!
(Incessant chatter and micromanaging)

Fly Centerline Slow Flight

1/5th Flight Candidates "Unqualified!"

Poor preparation (experience/endorsements) = "No Test!"
We are wasting flight test opportunities.
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