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This is the *final check* before the "big day!"

Be CONFIDENT and use this page to impress your FAA Pilot Examiner!

Try to self-calm and remember, every applicant starts an FAA evaluation with 100% (you are *already* instrument rated and PIC per 61.47 unless you prove otherwise)! All errors (and there will be errors: allowed and expected) are only a "mark down" (and 70%, though undesirable, is still a "pass"). Your DPE is required to emphasize: "perfection is not the standard" (don't psych yourself out with self-critical "over-thinking") Be PIC; you got this!    Do *EVERY* item on the checklist below!
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Flight portion (more soon)

Your best overview for the flight portion of any flight evaluation is to be meticulous and methodical (the conservative response rule). Use a checklist for every operation and if you are not sure about anything ASK. This is not a time to impress your examiner by cutting corners or being fast. Discussing "checklist philosophy" ("do list" vs "checklist") is important.

In flight remember that limitations (mostly 10 degrees/100 feet) are like the lines on a highway. Going over the line is undesirable but not necessarily an immediate failure (the examiner will clearly state if/when you failed). "Failure to promptly correct" is what the ACS defines as failure. Demonstrate to the DPE you are aware of any deviations and fixing them promptly (remember "perfection is not the standard"). If you are "consistently exceeding standards" you will probably be disapproved ("more training!") Exceeding any aircraft limitation (flap speed is common) is an immediate failure so give yourself a margine on these. Know all your performance speeds and the bold faced checklist items (immediate action items) should be memorized.