Washington FSDO Webinar
CFI/DPE Meeting
"Inspiring Professionalism"


    •The FAA specifies the lowest acceptable standard (Minimum Viable Product) in the ACS/PTS. They do not define mastery or excellence.   "Perfection is not the standard!"

    •During evaluation, a DPE only “checks” an applicant's skill/knowledge/judgement (and certifies the recommending CFI's instruction) based on the latest FAA standard. The FAA enforces a very clear “No Teaching" mandate for every DPE. The CFI is the primary “influencer” in aviation.
    X-Wind Landing

    •Being a CFI is very different than being a pilot; these are two separate certificates and approaches! (Get used to "flying sideways" and *no* micro-managing!) The "pilot personality" is well-documented and not consistent with effective education.  
    Two Certificates

    •There *is* a technique to make amazing pilots - skilled/knowledgable/confident (to explain this fully, ask for that presentation: "Incremental Mastery") Ultimately, the CFI should become superfluous (like parenting?) Our job as CFIs is to get out of the plane one step at a time!
    Incremental Mastery

    •Effective flight training must be “learner centered.” The person paying the bills deserves your full attention/devotion/compassion.
    Superfluous CFI

    •The FAA has no continuing education or recognition program for CFI improvement (a FAA Gold Seal is a "one off") Try SAFE's Master Instructor Program.

Master Instructor

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How People Learn
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