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"Lifetime Learning"

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     This program both honors and challenges aviation educators to embrace professionalism through "lifetime learning," requiring 500 "continuing educational units" every two years. Celebrating 25 years, this program builds aviation safety by supporting aviation excellence at every level.  SAFE has grown to 4,000 members in 10 years.
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    The FAA specifies the minimum acceptable standard (Minimum Viable Product) for pilot certification in the ACS/PTS (this is NOT the "target"). The standards do not define mastery or excellence.   The FAA emphasizes that in pilot certification, "perfection is not the standard!" Safety requires a "growth mindset" pursuing "lifetime learning" and excellence. FAA WINGS is every pilot's best resource in this pursuit!

    •During pilot evaluation, a DPE only “checks” an applicant's skill/knowledge/judgement (and certifies the recommending CFI's instruction) based on the latest FAA standard. The FAA enforces a very clear “No Teaching" mandate for every DPE. Excellence is voluntary (but necessary) for aviation safety and the CFI is the primary “influencer” modeling and motivating this pursuit.
    X-Wind Landing

    •For CFIs, it is essential to understand that being a CFI is very different than being a pilot; these are two separate certificates and approaches! (Get used to "flying sideways" and *no* micro-managing!) The "pilot personality" is well-documented and not consistent with effective education.  
    Two Certificates

    •Some pilots are just scary! Personality and attitude play an important role in ensuring safety. CFIs struggle with arrogant "know-it-all" pilots. Learn from Dr. Bill Rhodes slide share
    Superfluous CFI

    •Effective flight training must be “learner centered.” The person paying the bills deserves your full attention/devotion/compassion.
    Superfluous CFI

    •The FAA has no continuing education or recognition program for CFI improvement (a FAA Gold Seal is a "one off") Try SAFE's Master Instructor Program.

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